Three Things I Love About Westview

Three Things I love about Westview

1. The folks at Westview are family and they look out for each other.

2. The folks at Westview are engaged in many ministries on the West Side.

3. The Sunday morning services feed my heart and soul. The coffee is pretty good too.


Written by Cal Hekman

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Dear Parents…

Dear Parents: Thanks for bringing your kids to worship.

Parenting in the pew is hard work.   I know that some Sundays are hectic and less than worshipful for you. I suspect that there are some times when you’ve felt your toddlers and pre-schoolers weren’t welcome in worship. They are welcome and please continue to bring them.

I’ve […]

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14 Things You Can Do To Avoid Too Many Lists

I have been really struck recently how many things are written with lists. They are all over the place. Here are a couple I just found on my Facebook news feed:

21 Favorite Childhood Books Explained By An Adult

8 Survival Tips That Can Actually Kill You

10 Awesome Perks of Getting Married Really Young

9 Foods That Will […]

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A few words come to mind when I think about Westview’s first Trunk R Treat event: shock, excitement & awe!  While we planned an outdoor event, God had other plans for our night.  Being indoors provided protection from weather that turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  Mostly, I was shocked at the unbelievable […]

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