A reflection from Pastor Pete     

I’m still living and thinking Mexico.   It was good to go.   There are so many similarities as well as differences between here and there. One reflection I keep coming back to this week, as I prepare to offer Communion to our congregation next Sunday is of the table.   The Lord’s table. I had the honor and privilege of officiating a Communion service at the Children’s Home in Oaxaca. It was wonderful!   We ate and drank the remembrance of our Saviors sacrifice and resurrection together.   But we also ate together…. each day… each meal… around a table.

Americans don’t eat at a table much anymore.   We are too much in a hurry for that. It’s time to bring back the table.   I’m going to preach a bit about this on Sunday.     I remember as a child one of my jobs each evening was to “set” the table. At the table we don’t just feed people, we build relationships.   First dates usually go “out to eat” around a table. Business deals have been sealed “over lunch.”  Every house has a “dining room.”  Table talk is important.   It occurs to me that that is what Jesus did.   Jesus ate good food with bad people. His first miracle was at a wedding banquet. The feeding of the 5000 on the hillside becomes its own table.    

Our culture is hungry for table time. No wonder that the average parent spends only 38.5 minutes per week in meaningful conversation with their children. We are losing the table. Frequent family dinners have been proven to be a high factor in raising kids who are kind, drug free, even have greater vocabulary.     The memories we make around the table as we tell and retell our stories are wonderful family recipes. All this tells me that there is a reason Jesus made eating a sacrament.   Over the next few weeks I am going to be preaching on building our spiritual homes….and don’t forget…Sunday we nourish ourselves around the LORD’S TABLE! Join us and let us learn together.

Chasing His Purpose,

  Pastor Pete